To submit your editorials for publication, send your work to
We seek only content for online.

Please pay attention to the following before submitting anything.

The technicalities:

  1. The material you submit should be relevant to the visual style of Wicked Game.
  2. The content must be UNPUBLISHED and EXCLUSIVE.
  3. Your submission should form a story, and not be random images from your portfolio.
  4. Editorials featuring one or two designers are considered advertorials and there is a fee.
  5. Please attach LOW RES files only. No links to external sources. We ask for full-size images if your submission is accepted.
  6. Allow 3 weeks until your content is published.
  7. We do not remove sets once they have been published. Make sure the persons appearing in the images are aware of this.

And (the very important) legalities:

  • You must be the copyright holder of the content you submit to us and by doing so, you assert so.
  • All persons depicted must be at least 18 years old, and you must own the written permission of them and/or their representatives in order to publish the images. Take care when nudity is involved and confirm that the persons depicted are aware of this and agree to a publication on
  • By submitting your material, you grant us the full consent to publish your work in any media possible related to the scope of Wicked Game magazine in perpetuity (including but not limited to print, online, social media, broadcasting etc).  The copyright of your content remains with you and we press no claim on it.
    However, we, as licensees, are allowed to make use of the content, in addition to the above-mentioned, in publicity features regarding Wicked Game magazine in any and all media (including advertising/promotional purposes), regarding the scope of Wicked Game only.
    To offer an example of such use, we may choose to use your content to support a feature about Wicked Game magazine in a TV program or create a digital advertisement promoting Wicked Game magazine, which may be based upon your content.
  • We will never license or sell your intellectual property to others; if we receive such a request, we will forward it to you.

By submitting your content for publication to Wicked Game, you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any liability, damages, and fees whatsoever, any breach of privacy or violation of any rights of publicity/likeness, and any possible breach of any possible right, which may arise from our use of the material you submitted, according to the guideline stated above.
To offer an example, if you submit content that does not belong to you, you are liable for any and all damages and claims that may be demanded from us, since you obviously used deception and you committed a number of unlawful actions. The same applies in the case that you submit content for which you do not have the necessary permissions and consent from the people appearing. E.g. If a model who did not consent to have images of her/him featuring nudity or not, published on Wicked Game, takes legal action against us and claims damages, you agree that we will be held harmless and you will bear full responsibility because you violated the trust and did not obtain consent from the model. Our publication of your content is established on the confirmation that you have obtained all necessary permissions.
Therefore, please be kind and secure all permissions you may need to publish the content. Informed consent is very important to us.

Updated on the 9th of March 2021