Tomas Adomavičius | East of Nida

Lithuania based photographer Tomas Adomavičius travels with models Ieva Rainyte and Guste Vorsaite, to the Curonian Split, a unique sandy island formation in the Baltics shared between Lithuania and the Russian oblast of Kaliningrad and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As Tomas describes: The story was shot near Lithuania’s paradise city of
Nida. You can reach this island only by ferry, and the moment you arrive, the feeling of freedom, easiness, connection with nature comes to you instantly and it lingers on even after you are gone from there. That’s why it is so pleasant to come back there. In essence, this story is also
about the freedom, the inner freedom, the curiosity to explore it and
connect with ourselves deeper and feel at home and at peace.

Team Credits:

Photographer: Tomas Adomavicius
Models: Ieva Rainyte & Guste Vorsaite